Why Choose Us

Deciding which dentist to see? Here are the many reasons why people from all over Brisbane choose My Dentist at Cannon Hill as their dental care provider.

  1. Our dentists are trained to give painless local anaesthetic injections. We are the only dental practice in Cannon Hill to have the latest state-of-art technology (The Wand STA) to administer local anaesthetic, meaning a painless and more comfortable experience for you.
  2. Our staff are warm and friendly and are here to help you. You will be part of our family.
  3. Our surgery is equipped with a TV, Netflix, wireless headphones and music to help make dental treatment more pleasant.
  4. We have the latest state-of-the-art dental equipment to provide you with high quality dental care.
  5. Our motto ‘The Difference is How We Treat You’ is ingrained in everything we do.
  6. We are an accredited dental practice through QIP and the Australian Dental Association.
  7. At MDCH we are very stringent with our infection control.  After every patient, the surgery and all the instruments go through a very rigorous cleaning process.
  8. We have seen an unfortunate increase in dentists using overseas dental laboratories for dental work. We guarantee to only use Australian dental laboratories for all our dental work.
  9. Our dentists participate in continuing education courses and are always looking at improving the care provided to our patients.
  10. Dental materials, like anything else, vary in price and quality.  We only choose trusted and proven materials of the highest quality.
  11. We believe in giving our patients the best care possible, in a friendly relaxed environment. An experience like no other.
  12. Nitrous oxide (happy gas) is available on request to help control those uncontrollable nerves.
  13. We allocate appropriate treatment times for dental treatment – Dental treatment should NOT be rushed!
  14. You will not feel rushed like you may do in many Doctors’/Dentists’ surgeries.
  15. We always show you images of your teeth after treatment so you can check the quality of work performed. You expect to check your hair after a haircut, so why not with your teeth?
  16. Our dentists know the importance of fully explaining in detail all procedures.
  17. We will endeavour to not keep you waiting for more than 15 mins for your appointments.
  18. We are conveniently located in a shopping centre with plenty of onsite unrestricted parking.
  19. We are opened some evenings and Saturdays for your convenience.
  20. You can be confident to know that with any treatment you have here if there are any questions or concerns, we will be more than happy to see you again.
  21. Each day, we have specified time slots reserved for emergency appointments.