Dr Cheng Jiang (Robin)

As A Dentist

Dr Robin enjoys all aspects of general and family dentistry. Robin holds both a pharmacy and dentistry degree and regularly combines both of these skills, giving him a unique knowledge on how various medications can affect dental health.

Robin believes that everyone deserves to have a healthy smile and a positive dental experience. He strongly believes in listening to his patients’ needs and goals and taking his time to fully explain any problems and treatment options. He also has a strong focus on preventive dental care and will always try to find ways to help people prevent dental issues before problems develop.

“I am proud to join the team at My Dentist at Cannon Hill, a place that puts patient’s emotions and comforts first. I believe in treating my patients like my own family. Good dental health is about raising awareness, and prevention is the key. Living in the local surrounding area, I look forward to meeting the locals and hope to help keep everyone’s smile great.”

Outside Of Dentistry

Dr Robin has lived in China, US and Australia and is fluent in Mandarin as well as English. He graduated from University of Queensland. In addition to his professional career, Robin enjoys playing basketball, singing, and family time with his wife and 2 young boys.