Dr Pablo Regueiro

As A Dentist

Dr Pablo Regueiro has a keen interest in oral surgery in the general practice setting. Dr Pablo has extensive experience with wisdom teeth removal. He gained this experience through years of performing this type of surgery while working for the NZ Defence Force. Dr Pablo understands the anxiety that people feel when seeing the dentist. He loves making his patients feel at ease.

“One of my passion in dentistry is removing wisdom teeth and oral surgery.  I have removed many teeth over the years and understand the anxiety people have. I pride myself in making this situation as pleasant as possible. I am excited to be at My Dentist at Cannon Hill and to be able to help the locals with their wisdom teeth issues.”

Outside Of Dentistry

Dr Pablo gained his Bachelor of Dentistry in 1999.  He has 14 years of experience in both the public and private sectors internationally. He is also a lecturer at the University of Queensland, School of Dentistry in the Oral Surgery Department and also works as a dentist in Queensland health in the prison treating prison inmates.

Dr Pablo’s other interests include squash, boot camp training, Latin dancing and playing the ukulele. Dr Pablo has just recently obtained his motorbike license and can often be found riding his motorbike on the weekends.