Interest Free Payment Plan

My Dentist at Cannon Hill is proud to introduce interest free payment plan.  You can choose to pay the cost of your treatment over 10 – 50 weeks, interest free. Payment plans start as low as $32 per week. This allows you to have all your treatment and have the smile you are after.

Services available on interest free payment plan includes:


How Can Interest Free Payment Plans Work For Me?

Example 1 – I Can’t Eat and Chew Properly and I Fear Losing My Teeth

John has many dental issues after years of neglect.  These issues range from cavities to broken cracked teeth to dental abscesses. This means he cannot eat and chew properly. His goal is to be able to eat and chew again and keep his teeth and not have any false denture teeth. The dental work requires treatments such as fillings, crowns and root canal treatment. The total cost for all the treatment for John to achieve his goal is $8000.

John is keen to have this treatment but is unable to afford $8000 to have his treatment done. John had 2 options.

  1. He can save money and have treatment done as and when he can afford it. This however is a slow process and will take him 1 year to complete.  By doing this, there is a risk that some of his teeth could get worse while he is saving, meaning potentially more complex and costly treatments will be later required.
  2. He can go on a interest free payment plan. The interest free payment plan will allow John to have all the treatment done immediately, achieving his goal of keeping all his teeth which he desires.  His teeth can all be treated and there will be no risk of them getting worse.

John, knowing he wants to achieve his goal and does not want his teeth to get worse, decides to go on an interest free payment plan. He has the freedom to choose the amount he wants to have on a payment plan and the length of the payment period based on what he can afford.  John commences his treatment and has everything completed in a few months all whilst paying $128 / week over 50 weeks. He has achieved his goal of keeping his teeth and is able to eat, chew and function again.

Example 2 – The Smile Makeover

Mary is getting married. She is self conscious of her teeth as she feels they are too yellow and uneven. Mary had been planning 1 year for her big day and everything is ready except her teeth. Mary can improve her smile by having dental treatments such as teeth whitening and veneers. The total cost for this is $5000. After spending everything on her big wedding day, $5000 is just something she does not have.

Even though her problems do not affect her health, she wants to have the smile that she had always dreamed of for her big day.  This is the most important day of her life.

Mary decides to go on an interest free payment plan. By working out how much she can afford each week, Mary decides to go on a 40 week payment of $75 / week.  This allowes her to have the treatment she needs and achieve the smile the she is proud to have.


For more information on our interest free payment plans please contact us on 07 3902 1023.

Terms and conditions apply. No credit checks required. Please call 07 3902 1023 for more information.

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