Get Wise About Your Procedure – Frequently Asked Questions about Wisdom Tooth Surgery:

1. How long does wisdom teeth extraction take?

The length of the procedure depends on the position of your wisdom teeth. It is possible to have all 4 wisdom teeth removed during one appointment. The length of the procedure will vary and depends on the complexity of your wisdom teeth and your individual case. The dentist will discuss this in more detail at your free wisdom tooth consultation.

2. Will I feel pain during removal?

Before the procedure you will receive a local anaesthetic to ensure you are completely numb and prevent any discomfort.  You will feel slight pressure as the dentist is removing your teeth. If you’re nervous about undergoing the procedure, we can offer you nitrous oxide (happy gas) to help you feel calm and relaxed during the surgery. Our team at My Dentist at Cannon Hill are very understanding and compassionate when it comes to helping nervous patients throughout their appointment.

3. How much does Wisdom tooth removal cost?

Having your wisdom teeth removed at our practice in the dental chair comes at a significantly less cost than what you would experience in a hospital setting. Not having to endure theatre and anaesthetist fees certainly helps keep the cost down for our patients.

4. Why go with My Dentist at Cannon Hill for wisdom teeth surgery?

Our team at My Dentist at Cannon Hill are trained at giving our patients the best care possible during this procedure. We understand the anxiety and discomfort that is involved when patients under go wisdom teeth extraction, as many of our team members have also had their wisdom teeth removed in the dental chair. Our team will be here to help you through this process and make it as pleasant as we possibly can.

We also offer the latest in pain reduction and dental technology, including The Wand STA. We also give our patients, access to Netflix and songs through Spotify to ensure you’re relaxed throughout the procedure.

Complicated surgeries are performed by Dr. Pablo Regueiro, who is backed by several years of experience and training.

If you’re suffering from wisdom tooth pain, gain access to a free consultation with My Dentist at Cannon Hill and find out if you need to have your wisdom teeth taken out. Our dental practice is open from Monday to Saturday, offering you the best in general, family and cosmetic dentistry in Cannon Hill. Contact us on 07 3902 1023 or make an appointment online.