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At My Dentist at Cannon Hill, our team takes pride in achieving the best results for you and your teeth. We love helping people achieve their dental goals – whether that’s to improve the appearance of their teeth and smile, or help them eat more comfortably by improving how their teeth chew food.

To see what we can do, and have done for our patients, have a look at these before and after results. The results here include: fillings, dentures, crown, bridge, whitening and orthodontic treatment using Invisalign.

Many thanks to our patients who allowed us to share photos of their teeth and smile (we did change names below for privacy reasons.)

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Brooke's Complaint: Brooke disliked her gaps and also the stained old fillings that were done by her previous dentist. Brooke had some missing teeth (laterals) and after years of orthodontic treatment as a teenager, she was left with a smile that she still was not happy with. Her previous dentists had tried to improve this by trying to make the canines look like laterals but things were still not good.

Solution: The old fillings where polished and removed and Brooke then under went a course of home teeth whitening treatment. Once this was finished, Composite Resin Bonding was used to close the gaps. No tooth structure was removed. Resin was added to the sides of the 2 front teeth as well to the 2 teeth next to it.

Result: Brooke was extremely happy with the transformation and she is now beaming from ear to ear.

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Kevin's Complaint: Kevin was in his 40's and disliked the colour of his teeth and the gap between the 2 front ones. He also felt the 2 teeth on the side were too short making the 2 front teeth look too large. He hoped things could be more even.

Solution: Firstly, Kevin underwent a course of home teeth whitening treatment. Once this was done the smile transformation was done using composite resin bonding. With this conservative approach, no teeth was removed. Resin was added to the 2 front teeth to close the gaps and to the 2 side teeth to the lengthen them. A tiny bit of recontouring was also done along the edges of the 2 front teeth to complete the transformation.

Result: A stunning makeover with a very happy patient. Kevin is ecstatic with his new smile and proves that no matter what age you are, a smile that you are happy with helps with confidence.

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Andrew’s concern: Andrew felt his teeth were too yellow and wanted them to be whiter.

We recommended: Professional teeth whitening treatment.

The result: Andrew was surprised at the results and was ecstatic with his new whiter smile.

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Liz's Complaint: Sue was unhappy with the front two teeth as they look too large like a rabbit. There was a upcoming wedding and Liz wanted a nicer smile.

Solution: Invisalign and teeth whitening.

Result: Liz was how happy wither smile and ready for her big day.

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Kelly's Complaint: Kelly has always disliked her crooked and uneven teeth. She's always wanted to straighten them but never had the chance to do so.

We Recommended: Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign, teeth whitening afterwards and some resin bonding to even up the edges.

The Result: Straight teeth. Kelly extremely happy with her new smile and beaming with confidence.

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Lisa's Complaint: Lisa disliked her smile. She had resin veneers done many years ago and felt they were dull looking and lifeless. She also disliked how here teeth were uneven in lengths and knew her smile could be nicer.

Solution: Replace old resin veneers with new porcelain veneers

Result: A beaming ne smile. The new veneers brought Lisa's teeth back to life and made the it more it even and balanced. Lisa is now smiling with confidence.

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Cathy’s concern: Cathy could see the dark brown spots on the back of her teeth. She was not in any pain but know something was not right.

We recommended: The brown dark spots on the teeth was decay. The decay needs to be removed and fillings placed to stop the decay from progressing and getting deeper. A dental dam needs to be used to make sure there is no moisture during the filling process. Natural looking composite resin to be used as the filling material which needs to be carefully shaped to mimic natural tooth.

The result: Teeth look natural again. Cathy was very happy that her teeth was all fixed the decay was removed.