Before and after photos

At My Dentist at Cannon Hill, our team takes pride in achieving the best results for you and your teeth. We love helping people achieve their dental goals – whether that’s to improve the appearance of their teeth and smile, or help them eat more comfortably by improving how their teeth chew food.

To see what we can do, and have done for our patients, have a look at these before and after results. The results here include: fillings, dentures, crown, bridge, whitening and orthodontic treatment using Invisalign.

Many thanks to our patients who allowed us to share photos of their teeth and smile (we did change names below for privacy reasons.)

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Kate’s concern: She disliked her smile due to rough and stained veneers.

We recommended: The replacement of existing stained veneers with new composite resin veneers.

The result: Kate was very happy with her new natural-looking front teeth that also feel natural in her mouth.

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Andrew’s concern: Would like his teeth not to look yellow.

We recommended: Teeth whitening treatment.

The result: Andrew was very happy with his whiter teeth. Slide the bar and you can see the difference too.

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Julie’s concern: She didn’t like her dark anterior tooth which could be seen whenever she smiled.

We recommended: One session of internal whitening.

The result: Julie was very happy with the result – she now has an even smile as colour of that tooth matches the rest of her teeth.

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Mark’s concern: Concern about his decaying teeth.

We recommended: Removed all of the decay and restored the teeth using composite resin.

The result: Mark’s teeth were restored to good health and looking like they should.

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Heidi’s concern: His crooked and uneven teeth with front two teeth sticking out.

We recommended: Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign

The result: Heidi’s teeth were straighten and she was extremely happy with her new even smile.

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Cathy’s concern: Food was getting trapped between her teeth due to a filling and a crown not contacting together. This resulted in decay around the filling and the crown.

We recommended: Replacing the sliver fillings with composite resin and replacing the silver crown with a porcelain crown.

The result: Cathy was very happy that food was no longer getting trapped in between her teeth – and that her teeth looked natural again.

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Mel’s concern: She didn’t like the staining on the inside of her teeth.

We recommended: Cleaning with prophy jet to remove the staining.

The result: Stains all removed.

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Chris’ concern: He had decaying teeth and a bad fitting denture that caused discomfort and difficulties when he ate. Chris also didn’t like his smile.

We recommended: Fillings to restore his teeth, removing the ones that couldn’t be saved and making a new and comfort denture.

The result: Chris can now comfortably eat and he was happy with his new smile.