A diastema is a space or gap between two teeth. Usually occurring between the two upper front teeth, this dilemma can reduce confidence and often worsen over time. There are modern, cosmetic options available for correcting diastemas.

Possible Causes of Gaps Between Teeth

A mismatch between the size of the jaw bones and the teeth can sometimes cause extra space or overcrowding within the mouth. Missing teeth or a high attachment of the upper lip may also be causes of diastema.

Due to incorrect swallowing action, thumb sucking and other poor oral habits, children often damage their adult teeth as soon as they emerge. However, there are a few ways that dental professionals can correct the oral structure in children and adults.

Another cause of gaps between teeth is relapse following braces or orthodontic treatment. After braces or orthodontic treatment is completed a retainer is needed to retain the teeth in that postion. If the teeth have not been retained there is a chance that teeth will move causing gaps to appear.

Veneers and Fillings

Some cases of diastema, especially those involving poor oral health, are not suitable to be treated with orthodontics or Invisalign. During a consult, your My Dentist at Cannon Hill professional will complete a full oral health assessment to advise the ultimate treatment plan for your individual needs.

In many cases of adult diastema, dental veneers and tooth colour fillings (resin bonding) are required to close the gaps. Sometimes, even straight teeth need veneers to modify their shape and proportion and to remove black triangles.


For adults worrying about aesthetics or maintaining a professional image, braces can be a major concern. Luckily, a virtually invisible option is available in the modern dental market. Invisalign are a removable, comfortable solution to correcting the position of adult teeth.

My Dentist at Cannon Hill will custom-make your series of transparent aligner trays to be worn on a daily basis. Each aligner is worn for two weeks as your teeth slowly move into a more symmetrical configuration.

The cost of Invisalign varies depending on the complexity of your situation. Each treatment comes with one free teeth whitening service and My Dentist at Cannon Hill offer interest free payment plans to help perfect your smile without straying from your budget.

For Invisalign treatments, veneers or cosmetic tooth coloured fillings to correct gaps between teeth, contact My Dentist at Cannon Hill online or call 07 3902 1023.