Smile Makeovers in Cannon Hill and Morningside

Do you feel like you’re holding back from smiling because you’re self-conscious about your teeth? Do you have an important event coming up, like your wedding, which you want to have a perfect smile for?

Get your most radiant and healthy smile ever with one of the smile makeovers at My Dentist at Cannon Hill. Our team is passionate about providing patients with happy, bright smiles!


What is Involved in Smile Makeovers?

Our cosmetic dentists use a range of techniques to give you a confident smile and better oral health. Our treatments in Morningside are personalised to suit your individual needs and desires.

Some of the treatments our dentists might use to achieve your smile include:


What Does It Cost?

The cost of restoring your smile can vary depending on the exact treatments needed, the results you are after, and the materials or equipment required. We understand that patients aren’t always able to pay for their procedure up-front, which is why we have interest free payment plans available to help you achieve the dream smile you are after.


‘The Difference is How We Treat You’

My Dentist at Cannon Hill’s motto rings true for all of our services. We understand that a smile makeover can be a delicate and sensitive issue. That’s why our team is here to listen and be patient. We truly care about our patients, and we are dedicated to ensuring that you are happy with your teeth and smile.

Our expert dentists are highly trained in performing wonderful smile transformations. We love witnessing the growth in confidence that our smile makeovers can provide.


Live a Fuller Life – Never Be Embarrassed about Your Smile Again!

Invest in your smile and yourself and achieve the smile you deserve. Contact us today on 07 3902 1023.

My Dentist at Cannon Hill has a professional team with expert cosmetic dentists. We specialise in smile makeovers in Morningside, Bulimba, Cannon Hill, Murarrie, Morningside, Carina, Carina Heights, Tingalpa, Hemmant, Belmont, Balmoral, Hawthorne, Bulimba, Carindale, Seven Hills, Camp Hill, and other areas of Brisbane.

Unsure what can be done to improve your teeth? Simply fill in our message form below with your concerns and attach a photo of your teeth and smile and we will be in touch to give you an idea on what can be done.


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Kelly's Complaint: Kelly disliked her smile as she felt the 2 front teeth looked too large compared to her other teeth. She also felt the canine's were too pointy which also made them look uneven. The edges of the 2 front teeth was also polished to help even them up.

Solution: Conservative Composite Resin bonding on the 4 teeth next to the 2 front ones (laterals and canines). The front teeth were actually not large but the 2 sides ones where too short. Resin bonding to the canines also helped to even up the edges.

Result: Kelly's smile is now transformed as the teeth are now more straighter and the edges are more even. The 2 front teeth now do not look too large but look in proportion to her other teeth.

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Brooke's Complaint: Brooke disliked her gaps and also the stained old fillings that were done by her previous dentist. Brooke had some missing teeth (laterals) and after years of orthodontic treatment as a teenager, she was left with a smile that she still was not happy with. Her previous dentists had tried to improve this by trying to make the canines look like laterals but things were still not good.

Solution: The old fillings where polished and removed and Brooke then under went a course of home teeth whitening treatment. Once this was finished, Composite Resin Bonding was used to close the gaps. This was very conservative as no tooth was removed. Resin was added to the sides of the 2 front teeth as well to the 2 teeth next to it. The gaps are now completely close.

Result: Brooke was extremely happy with the transformation and she is now beaming from ear to ear.

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Kevin's Complaint: Kevin was in his 40's and disliked the colour of his teeth and the gap between the 2 front ones. He also felt the 2 teeth on the side were too short making the 2 front teeth look too large. He hoped things could be more even.

Solution: Firstly, Kevin underwent a course of home teeth whitening treatment. Once this was done the smile transformation was done using composite resin bonding. With this conservative approach, no teeth was removed. Resin was added to the 2 front teeth to close the gaps and to the 2 side teeth to the lengthen them. A tiny bit of recontouring was also done along the edges of the 2 front teeth to complete the transformation.

Result: A stunning makeover with a very happy patient. Kevin is ecstatic with his new smile and proves that no matter what age you are, a smile that you are happy with helps with confidence.

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Kate’s concern: She disliked her smile due to rough and stained veneers.

We recommended: The replacement of existing stained veneers with new composite resin veneers.

The result: Kate was very happy with her new natural-looking front teeth that also feel natural in her mouth.