Tooth coloured fillings are done with composite resin.  They are a natural-looking material that are durable and strong and can be used to restore small to large-size cavities on both front and back teeth. At My Dentist at Cannon Hill, we offer natural looking tooth coloured filling services for patients in the Cannon Hill, Bulimba, Morningside, and surrounding areas. Our team of friendly and professional dentists is committed to ensuring your teeth are healthy and your smile is looking brand new.

White Filling - Tooth Colour - Dentist Brisbane
White Filling – Tooth Colour – Before and After Treatment – Dentist Brisbane

Do I Need a Tooth Coloured Filling?

Apart for using tooth coloured fillings for fixing decay and cavities they can also be used to fill in small gaps between your teeth, or if you have chipped or cracked teeth, you may be a candidate for tooth coloured fillings. Our dentist may also recommend them for those with discoloured teeth or uneven teeth. If you think that sounds like you, contact us today. For more information visit our Cosmetic Dentistry page.

The Advantages of Tooth Coloured Fillings

They are Safe

Tooth coloured composite resin fillings are not toxic. They are proven to be completely safe for your body.  Note: Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns about your current fillings.

They Can Last Many Years

Tooth coloured fillings can last many years if they are done properly and with proper care and regular dental check-ups. Our team of professional dentists follow a strict protocol and take great care and detail when restoring teeth with tooth coloured fillings. Our expert team are also on hand to discuss the most effective aftercare with you.

They’re Natural Looking

Tooth coloured fillings blend into the surrounding teeth, and can look very natural. Our dentists are very detailed and will individually and uniquely matched the colour of the filling to the colour of your tooth for natural attractiveness.


If you’re looking for a Brisbane-based dentist to place tooth coloured fillings, or if you need a dental check-up, call 07 3902 1023 or book an appointment online.

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Patient Complaint: Decay in teeth, rotting teeth.

Solution: Cleaning decay out and restoring teeth with tooth coloured fillings - composite resin.

Result: Decay stopped, teeth restored back to good health. Natural looking result