Amalgam Removal

My Dentist at Cannon Hill views cosmetic dentistry as the best way to achieve your perfect smile – not just in how it looks, but healthy it is. That’s why we offer amalgam removal for our patients in Brisbane, Cannon Hill, Bulimba, Morningside and the surrounding areas.


Why Do I Need Amalgam Removal?

For more than 100 years, amalgam was the material of choice for dental fillings, due to its strong, durable and inexpensive nature. However, amalgam fillings do contain mercury and a range of other metals. They are usually silver in colour and sometimes turn black in colour.  The look unnatural, and some believe they are potentially bad for your health as well.

Many people choose to remove existing amalgam fillings for various reasons. These can be cosmetic reasons, some for health reasons or simply the existing amalgam fillings has broken down and are now unsatisfactory.

For health reasons, some people believe that when amalgam fillings are exposed to high temperatures, corrosion and friction, during normal mouth and teeth functions they can release mercury vapours, which have the potential to adversely affect their wellbeing.

Our dentists follow a strict procedure to carefully remove and replace amalgam fillings, leaving you with a healthier and more attractive smile.


Why Choose Us for Amalgam Removal and Replacement in Cannon Hill and Morningside?

Removing amalgam fillings is both a great art an exact science. Several steps must be carefully followed to ensure the mercury is removed safely and you’re left with a great looking smile.

At My Dentist at Cannon Hill, our difference is in how we treat you. Our approach to amalgam removal is friendly, caring, precise and safe. These are the steps we take to ensure that the amalgam is removed as safely as possible.

  • Your mouth and airways are protected from amalgam & mercury debris via a rubber dam.
  • An oxygen mask is available on request to make sure no vapours enter your airway.
  • The amalgam is carefully cut in to sections and removed in to pieces to ensure there is less drilling of the amalgam meaning less vapours are released.
  • A high evacuation unit is used to ensure all vapours are removed from the atmosphere as fast as possible.
  • You will be as relaxed and comfortable as possible during the procedure, with painless injections using our state-of-the-art equipment The WAND STA.

Once the amalgam is removed, our expert dentist will ensure that you receive natural looking and long lasting tooth coloured fillings.


Why Was Mercury Used in Fillings Used in the First Place?

Mercury contributes to a lot of the properties that make amalgam fillings perfect for your mouth. Mercury makes the amalgam filling supple enough to be placed in your mouth, yet hard enough for biting and chewing.

Talk to a Cosmetic Dentist about Amalgam Removal

If you are looking at removing and replacing your amalgam fillings, My Dentist at Cannon Hill is the dental practice that you need to talk to. Our expert dentist will ensure that your amalgams are removed in the safest way possible and that the best natural looking and long lasting filling alternatives are done, giving you a beautiful smile. If you are concerned about your old silver fillings, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Call 07 3902 1023 or make an appointment online.