Coronavirus policy

Firstly, let me reassure you that you are personally at very low risk of having serious issues with corona virus. You most likely will have it at some stage, you’ll have a cold and then you will get better. It’s about limiting the amount of people you come in contact with while you are sick and protecting the vulnerable people in the community. ( ie the elderly)

As the situation is constantly changing, we’ll be updating our policies from time to time.

For now, this is how we will be dealing with this pandemic. For the most part, it will be business as usual. We will be trying to limit the impact this has on the business so we can continue to deliver great dental care to our patients.



Hand washing is the key to preventing the spread of the virus. Let’s wash hands when coming into the building with soap and water. We can leave an alcohol pump pack on the front desk for patients/visitors when they arrive.
Lunch, make sure you wash your hands well before and afterwards. Make sure your scrub top is changed before you eat and do not touch your uniform while eating.

Please do not come to work if you have any of the following symptoms – fever, cough, widespread body aches (flu-like), sore throat, stuffy/runny nose, vomiting, or diarrhoea. If you develop those symptoms whilst at work you must leave immediately (even if you’re a doctor/therapist and you’ve got patients booked).As you are working in a healthcare environment, get tested for Coronavirus.

If you travel overseas then you must stay home from work for 14 days AFTER you return from your trip, regardless of whether the country is currently deemed high or low risk. Again, this guidance will likely become clearer in time, but this is our current requirement.

Follow the government guidelines regarding travel and large gatherings and social distancing.


FOR PATIENTS (communicated by SMS prior the appointments and via a notice stuck on the door at entry – considering specifically asking them too):

  • Patients & anyone with them (including children) are not allowed to enter the building if they have been overseas within the last 14 days. We’ll defer appointments for 2 weeks.
  • Patients & anyone with them (including children) are not allowed into the building if they have ANY of the following symptoms (regardless of travel history) – fever, cough, widespread body aches (flu-like), sore throat, stuffy/runny nose, vomiting, or diarrhoea. They must not attend until they have been 100% well for at least 48 hours or have had a negative Coronavirus test.

This also applies to those with sick people in their household or those who have travelled overseas within the last 14 days living in their household.

  • For patients that are infected with the corona virus but have toothaches or are in pain we will not be able to see them as we do not have the appropriate PPE (no N95 Mask), refer them to another clinic.


  • For patients that are sick but have not been tested for the corona virus and that have toothaches or are in pain we will not be able to see them, refer them to another clinic.


  • For patients that have toothaches or are in pain but have just arrived from overseas with the 14 days with no symptoms of illnesses, we will see them with universal precautions.


  • For high risk patients (elderly and the immunosuppressed) deferring all non-urgent treatment till a later date.

We must keep a log of ALL visitors (couriers, reps, volunteer drivers, and all family/friends that attend with patients). We need their name, phone number (for couriers you can record the courier company number if they don’t want to give out their mobile) and the time/date that they arrived & left. This is going to be quite tricky with family/friends that attend with patients but we must do it. We need to be able to contact trace anyone who was in the building if we get a case in.

Waiting room

Remove magazines and toys. Let’s limit the amount of contact people have with things in the surgery


Cleaning of regularly used surfaces. Basically all door handles, desks, phones, keyboards, patient chairs, reception desk, EFTPOS machine, pens used by patients.
We give patients forms on clipboards regularly to fill in, but when returned the clipboards will all need a clean as well as the pens.


No more Reps visiting unless it’s essential

This will be a changing situation and we’ll provide more clarification as time goes on but I think this is a good start