If you’re nervous about dental treatment, cringing every time you think of visiting the dentist, we have good news for you. My Dentist at Cannon Hill offers you the latest dental tools and gadgets that allow you to undergo dental procedures without the stress of pain. Whether its wisdom tooth removal or extraction, we do it all, right here at our practice in Cannon Hill.

Our care practices are centred on the need for compassion for patients who are often worried about undergoing dental treatment. As such, we now provide specialised care for our patients, ensuring their needs are always catered to.

What is the Wand STA?

One of the latest technologies we use is The Wand STA. This is a device that controls the administration of flow of anaesthetic. In other words, it’s an automated injection that delivers anaesthesia in a steady dose so you don’t feel any pain.

Researchers have discovered that when the anaesthetic is injected too quickly, the patient feels an increase in pain. Because of this, they engineered a device that controls the flow of anaesthetic in a slow steady stream so that the patient would feel little to no pain at all.

This latest invention in dentistry helps patients cope with their fears of visiting the dentist. It’s extremely useful in paediatric dentistry, helping children feel little to no discomfort at all.

Features of the Wand STA

The Wand STA does not look like a needle – this is especially important for those suffering from dentophobia. It also has different speed settings so once the initial anaesthetic is fired slowly, the dentist can switch to faster administration if required.

My Dentist at Cannon Hill has some of the best dentists in Cannon Hill. We take photographs of the work we’re doing on your teeth so you can compare pictures and check their progress. If you’re ever suffering from tooth pain, cavities, sensitive teeth, chipped teeth or discoloured teeth, visit us at Cannon Hill for a friendly consultation. We offer interest free payment plans and financing through Mac Credit.
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