Dr Alex Wong

As A Dentist

In the world of dental health, we get that dental issues can really throw a wrench in your day and make decision-making tough. Dr Alex is your friendly professional who’s here to guide you through it all. He breaks down treatment options in a way that’s easy to understand and helps you make choices you’ll feel good about.

But Dr Alex’s commitment doesn’t stop at treatment; he’s all about preventing dental woes. He’ll work with you to create a personalized oral care plan because he firmly believes that prevention is key.

“My goal is for every patient to leave with a smile on their face and noticeable improvements in their oral health, all within a professional and friendly atmosphere.”

Outside of Dentistry

Outside of the dental world, Dr Alex has quite the journey. Starting out in Hong Kong, he continued his education in Brisbane, earned his dental degree in Victoria, and even spent a year helping out in Far North Queensland. Eventually, he decided to come back to Brisbane, where he’s close to family and friends.

In his free time, Dr Alex enjoys Formula One, even if he has to settle for race highlights. He’s also into ice skating, volleyball, and hitting the gym, just like many of us. Dr. Alex is a professional who’s easy to relate to, both in and out of the dental office.