Dr Mary Liu

As A Dentist

Dr Mary Liu is a compassionate dentist focused on patient care with a gentle touch.

“What matters to me most, is that my patients have had a positive experience, and I have helped them take a step towards better oral health.”

Dr Mary graduated from Bachelor of Dental Science at The University of QLD in 2003. It was a natural career choice for her as it fulfilled her love for science, biology, art and a desire to help others.

Dr Mary loves all things Dentistry, particularly orthodontics.

She enjoys attending ongoing education courses and is committed to providing the most up to date Dentistry for her patients.

Outside Of Dentistry

Dr Mary was born in Taiwan and moved to Brisbane in the early 1990s. She grew up in Brisbane’s southern suburbs and continues to live and work in the area.

Outside of work, Dr Mary enjoys yoga, and is an avid water colourist and potter. She loves spending time with her family and going travelling.